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Weight Loss/Management

By Haman Dowlatram HHCPO

To achieve success in Weight Management we need to understand how the body functions and the importance of nutrition in not only Weight Management but also in your overall health. One of the biggest factors is how our body is nourished and in turn how it processes what we do ingest and most importantly what our body will absorb or digest. Most individuals are considered malnourished as the body does not have the ability to absorb the nutrients and vitamins from the foods and supplements we take. We can be doing everything right, but if our body is not capable of absorbing the nutrients, then all that hard work and great effort goes to waste.

Blood testing is a great way to test for nutritional deficiencies, however our vitamins and minerals are altered and depleted almost every time we urinate, consume caffeine, consume refined sugar products, when we exercise, when we sweat, and also as we take medication. Also the most common mistake when we try to management our weight is in lowering calories, which will in fact increase the deficiency of nutrients in your body and will lead to long term health problems.

If our daily diet is providing all the necessary nutrients we need, then they would be significantly less issues with weight problems and illnesses. We need to address how to maximize the foods we ingest for optimum health and ensuring that what we put in our bodies actually stays in our body. Our bodies are not deficient in pain medication, so when we suffer with muscle and other pain on a daily basis, it is because it is deficient in nutrients that your body needs to combat these issues. Medication is usually a band-aid in the process.

A proper nutrition plan is mandatory to provide adequate amounts of nutrients from fats, protein and carbohydrates to achieve success. By also paying extra special attention to certain functions of the body, will help get you the ultimate results you are looking for.

SYMPTOM OR ISSUE Suggested Support
Digestive System AKA Gut Health Intestamine
Hormone Balance Testo Quench for Females
Testo Gain/Testo Plus for Males
Thyroid Function Thyro-Set
Metabolic Factors Metabolic Xtra or Glucose Support
Stress Management Ultra Preventive X (HD Ultra) or Sereniten Plus
Sleep Management Melatonin PR or GABA

Based on your nutrition plan other helpful products would include:  Fats with Vitamin D (Quell), L-Carnitine, Zinc, Magnesium (Glycinate) and Potassium (Aspirate)